Annual Report 2017 – 2018

Saturday, April 21st, 2018

Pratit International is a non-profit organization dedicated to bridging global health disparities. In Sanskrit, Pratit refers to a passion or conviction to make genuine change. With this guiding principle, Pratit was founded in June 2007 as an organization dedicated to holistic community level development in underserved urban communities. These indigent areas are plagued by poor infrastructure, low literacy levels, and a heavy disease burden. Our project sites are concentrated in urban slums of Kolkata, India and villages in the surrounding vicinity.

In our approach, we alleviate poverty by working to develop constructive and scalable local solutions. At its core, Pratit’s mission involves a grassroots movement of local physicians, community health workers, civic leaders and educators who work to provide comprehensive primary care health clinics in severely indigent slum communities. The clinics are supplemented by educational programs to spread health awareness and empower community members to be self-reliant. We are collaborating with local civic leaders to develop social business models that can generate revenue and help sustain our welfare projects.

Operating Highlights

Pratit International has had a strong finish to 2017 and a remarkable start to 2018. We have solidified our mobile clinic operations in four communities in North Kolkata. Each community has a unique profile and a dedicated cohort of locals that work with our organization. It is these grassroots level partnerships that makes our vision for sustainable health care access a reality. The spirited sense of trust, camaraderie and passion between our community partners and our medical team has driven our success in the first quarter of 2018.

Achievements at a Glance 2017

2226 patients treated during 75 mobile clinics

921 patients registered in our Electronic Medical Records system

881 diagnostic blood tests performed

423 diagnostic imaging tests performed

0 Cost to the patient

New Frontier

Our team has partnered with a new community of families displaced by the Metro Railway Construction. After a thorough needs assessment, we found a dire situation of poor access to clean water, electricity and education. By working hand in hand with residents and local civic leaders, our clinics have started to offer comprehensive primary care services to this very vulnerable population.


Looking Ahead

In 2018, we are proud to unveil the plans for Panacea Clinic, an Initiative of Pratit International. Panacea Clinic will serve as a self-sustaining Health Center in North Kolkata that focuses on structured primary care.

The Clinic will feature Primary Care Providers that specialize in comprehensive, preventative, and proactive health care services available to all sections of society. A robust community health worker program will ensure extension of primary care to the home.


  • Comprehensive Primary Care Visits
  • Community Health Worker Home Visits
  • Specialist Visits
  • Telemedicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Diagnostics: X-ray, Ultrasound, Lab, ECG


Health Equity Index:

In order to ensure access to vulnerable populations, we plan to implement a cost sharing model that is based upon Social Determinants of Health (SDH). Patients will complete an enrollment questionnaire, from which they will receive a Health Equity Index score based on the following components:

  • Income
  • Dependents
  • Years of Formal Education
  • Food Security
  • Housing
  • Access to Electricity
  • Access to Clean Water
  • Access to Sanitation facilities
  • Access to Transportation
  • Access to Licensed Medical Practitioner


Cost Sharing Algorithm

x = cost of care at comparable local clinic

2x = cost of care at corporate hospital


Financial Highlights

Total Operational Expenditures (2017): $ 17,885 US


The task of developing a self-reliant health system will be filled with challenges. After a thorough feasibility study, we predict an investment need of $89,289 US to make our vision of Panacea Clinic a reality.  Most importantly, we project an excess revenue generation of $103,603 within the first year of operation. The entirety of this excess revenue will be reinvested in Pratit’s social welfare mission. Fundamentally, we propose a scalable project which can sustainably expand access to vital health care resources for deeply vulnerable populations.

Over the past decade, Pratit International has proven to be an effective and dynamic organization constantly refining the services it provides to fight abject poverty, poor health access, and illiteracy in destitute communities of Kolkata and beyond. However, the milestones achieved over this time would not have been possible without the consistent backing of our friends and benefactors. Whenever we have appealed to you for support, you have delivered. Now more than ever, a contribution to Pratit International will be directed towards building neighborhoods with sustainable access to basic health care and education.

Thank you for your generous time and support.





Turja Chakrabarti, M.D., M.S.

President and Founder | Pratit International