Sustainable Neighborhoods Initiative – 2016

Monday, October 17th, 2016

Over the past nine years we have witnessed immense growth in our capacity to fight abject poverty, poor health access, and illiteracy. Pratit International has proven as an effective and dynamic organization constantly refining it methods to improve its services to the destitute communities of Kolkata, India and beyond. The milestones achieved over these past nine years would not be possible without the consistent backing of our friends and benefactors. Whenever we have appealed to you for support, you have delivered.

Through a network of mobile health clinics, diagnostic centers, and hospitals, Pratit has established a long-term health system available to below poverty line communities. We have integrated community health workers to ensure a locally tailored impact. Our projects have ensured treatment for vulnerable patients suffering from HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and myriad of infectious and chronic conditions. Moreover, Pratit has funded the complex life-saving surgeries of numerous patients including children suffering from congenital heart diseases. However, all of these projects have depended on external financial support. In 2016, we set our targets to achieve our next milestone: the Sustainable Neighborhoods Initiative.

We propose the development of a self-sustaining Health Center in Kolkata that will provide services to a cross section of socioeconomic levels. The center will be staffed by local physicians and auxiliary staff and will provide year-round outpatient services. In addition, the center will be equipped with diagnostic resources such as X-Ray, Ultrasound, Spirometry, and a pathology lab. The socioeconomic status of patients who avail the services of this health center will be evaluated extensively. Those within middle and higher income brackets will be charged an affordable fee for their treatment and diagnostics, while those in lower income groups will be provided with subsidized care. Pratit International will never turn away a patient for their inability to pay. Pratit’s Health Center will function as a social business and any revenue generated will fuel the comprehensive health care and educational programs in our impoverished target communities.

The task of developing a self-reliant health system will be filled with challenges. The initial capital required for building and staffing Pratit’s Health Center cannot be met without your support. The average beneficiary of Pratit lives on the margins of poverty earning a meager 10.50 USD monthly, circumstances that make attaining proper health care a luxury. Now more than ever, a contribution to Pratit International will be directed towards building neighborhoods with sustainable access to basic health care and education.

Thank you for your commitment to our mission.

-The Pratit Team